$MEMEN Tokenomics

Tokens supply

Total Supply : 10M tokens
Circulating Supply : 8M tokens
Staking tokens : 2M tokens


Memenation will have a total of 10% buy and sell tax that are composed as follow :
  • Marketing : 4% of all $MEMEN traded are going to the marketing wallet. The more volume we have, the more marketing funds we have to fund campaigns and spread awareness about Memenation.
  • Memecoins rewards : 3% of the volume traded is used to buy memecoins and distribute them to the holders. (Day 1 : Doge, Day 2 : Shib, Day 3 : Floki, and so on)
  • Auto Liquidity : 1% of the trading fees return to the liquidity ensuring $MEMEN enough liquidity.
  • Team : 1% of the trading volume goes to the team.
  • Dev tax : 1% of the total volume traded goes to the dev of the Memeswap for development and maintenance.