MEMESWAP was built to fix the big issue that all rewards tokens (And more generally bsc tokens with tax) are facing : The contract selling to distribute rewards and hurting the chart.

Pancakeswap wasn’t built for tokens with tax, it therefore needs to sell on the chart to distribute marketing taxes and rewards. With MemeSWAP, the tax will be extracted in the form of BNB before the swap happenes and then it will buy tokens with the remaining BNB.

Let's dive into an example to understand how it works :

Let's say a user wants to buy 1 BNB worth of a token that has a 10% tax : 0.1 BNB is held by the contract to distribute rewards and 0.9 BNB is used to buy the token, therefore, the contract never sells to distribute rewards since It swaps BNB for rewards, and not tokens.

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