Project Overview

Rotating Daily Rewards

Welcome to Memenation, the mother of all meme coins ! Memenation is the first ever cryptocurrency with ROTATING daily rewards. Buy & Hold $MEMEN to get rewarded with a diverse meme coin portfolio!
On every transaction, the market's TOP meme coins are sent directly to holders of $MEMEN. The best part about it? These rewards won't come at the expense of the chart health! This unique & innovative protocol, through MemeSwap, will allow for a seamless and healthy distribution to all $MEMEN holders!


MemeSWAP is the first ever to fix the PancakeSWAP issue for tokens with taxes, which leads to the contract selling tokens (And hurting the chart) to distribute marketing and/or rewards. More information about the MemeSWAP in the next section.

Contract Address

$MEMEN official CA : 0xeF9a61e7A7c4D2249c740c4c0458c992598c4714
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